Our Product & Solution

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SENSIA General Catalog 

SENSIA Solutions (Spain) – Smart Monitoring 24/7

  • Meeting the HSE needs of the industry
  • Covers industry, environmental, safety and security applications.


NightSearcher (UK) – Produce High Quality Professional Lighting Products

  • Maker of the most Powerful Portable LED floodlight in the world


Hamar Laser (USA) – Laser Alignment Specialist

  • 50 Years of Laser Alignment Experience
  • World’s Flattest Laser Plane

Stealth Ultra Precision Shaft Alignment (USA)

  • By Hamar Laser
  • Dual BeamTM Technology
  • Head-to-Head Stealth SeriesTM Alignment System

Bertec (USA) – A legacy of excellence in biomechanics

  • Advance the effectiveness of its clinical application in balance and mobility

Powerkube (UK) – Technology for professional combat sport athletes

  • Measure, analyse and enhance performance in power, speed and stamina.

Musclelab (Norway) – Test and training tools for athletes

  • By Ergotest
  • Force plates, laser speed, IMU sensors, etc

Venus Solar (China) – Solar Panel and Solar System

  • China is the World’s Largest Market & Producer for both Photovoltaics and Solar Thermal Energy